Mrs. Daphane is a God send. She helped us work through our disconnection in our marriage, our individual hang ups and helped us grow closer as a couple. We look forward to coming every week to learn new tools to use in our marriage. At the beginning when times were tough for my wife and I, this was a safe place for us to come and put our feelings out there to each other without having a knock-down drag-out fight. Marriage counseling is so much more than just coming in when times are bad. For us it’s about continuing to learn and maintain a good marriage. If you’re on the fence about it please don’t be, we can’t say enough great things about A Better Family Now and Mrs. Daphane. Half way through our sessions we moved from Pearland to Fulshear but that didn’t stop us and won’t stop us from making our weekly appointments. -D.G.

I found A Better Family Now through these amazing Google reviews and now I'm blessed to leave my own story. My husband and I have been married a couple of years and we were on the brink of divorce. We had a 30 minute session with Clifton (at no charge) to see if we agreed it was a good fit. I felt as if Clifton really listened to both of us, found our disconnect and guided us to work through it. Not only did he work through the issues in our marriage, he focuses on each of us as an individual, our childhood and our past. We were given books to read and what I like to call "homework" to do on our own time. To get the best result, put all the work in, regardless of whether your partner is doing so - it will still help you in the long run. Thank you Clifton for helping my husband and I work through our differences and appreciating each other for who they truly are. Marriage counseling was truly a blessing for us. -A.D.

Ms. Daphane has been a crucial support through my difficulty. When I needed help the most she was there to listen and understand. She was able to accommodate me with my current situation and will forever be grateful. With her knowledge and understanding she has helped me find hope again. I highly recommend Ms. Daphane, she is sensitive, understanding, and effective. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms. Daphane. - Y.S.

At a critical stage in our marriage, Clifton was a Godsend! He was able to show us how we each contributed to not getting our needs met in the relationship. Clifton was wise and strategic in selecting tools that were challenging, yet guiding us toward the marriage we desire. He is a good listener and has an uncanny ability to hear or see what you’re not saying. So, we highly recommend Clifton Brantley for marriage counseling!!! -Y.

I can't say enough great things about Clifton. My husband & I have been to a few counselors in the past and have been disappointed. Clifton doesn't just listen, he offers real help & advice we can use to better our marriage. He not only helped our marriage but he helped me begin to deal with a past child hood trauma I've been ignoring for far too long. I highly recommend Clifton to anyone seeking help with individual or family issues. He has been a blessing to us. You will not be disappointed! - D.E.

Clifton knows what he's doing and can relate to many experiences. He has helped our marriage by showing us how we can understand each other and our needs as well as provide us with the tools needed for us to grow stronger. Thanks Clifton for your help. - A.D.

To say this man is a life saver wouldn't be enough... Not only did he help us through situations in our past, but he taught us techniques to make sure the future would go as smooth as possible.. From the books he recommended and walked us the couples sessions that got heated and down to the root of the problem.. Every part of our experience with Clifton has been super helpful and eye opening. I would highly recommend him to every couple. - B.L.

Clifton, with his amazing listening skills and nurturing words provides the best counseling, which not only provides great comfort, but also helps us transform our lives in a very profound and meaningful way. - M.A.

My husband initially chose Clifton when we were discussing Marriage Counseling. Long story short, my husband didn't end up attending however, although he couldn't have known it at the time... he lead me to one of GOD's life changers here on earth. Clifton's practice is Christ Centered and while he offers sound professional advice, he follows that advice up with scriptural advice (if that's what you're looking for and believe in). I can't say enough good things about Clifton Brantley because he has helped open my mind to see things differently (not always what we want to hear) but things we need to hear in order to grow and be our best selves. The worst thing I can say is that our counseling sessions are always too short time-wise. Seriously, you won't regret this decision... Schedule your appointment today!!! - B.C.

The time that I have spent working with Clifton has helped me to grow and continue to grow into a better individual. Walls have come down and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for progress as an individual or family to work with Mr. Brantley. This has been a life changing experience for my family and me. Do not spend to much time THINKING about whether or not if you should work with him, JUST DO IT and you will not regret it. I will continue to work with Mr. Brantley and I hope that whoever is reads this will allow him the chance to impact your life as he has done with mine. - S.L.

Mr. Brantley is a God send! I was extremely nervous about attending a session due to the fact it was my first time seeking professional help. It was like talking to a lifelong friend. The hour long session flew by, and now I look forward (and dare  say excited) to our next one. - C.H.