Our Team


All of our therapists are qualified to help you live a better life. We want to be a place where you can expect quality mental and emotional care.

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Clifton Brantley

Clifton has a passion for couples and he loves helping them come back from the brink of divorce or break-up. “Love Education” is what he does. He is a native Houstonian, father of 3 with a 4 year old grandson. His approach to therapy is a mixture of therapy and marriage coaching. He is currently finishing his first book titled, “I Wish I Had Known: Secrets to building a great marriage.” His second book is also already in the works titled, “Preparing For Worst: What you need to know before you say I do.”


Daphane Harris

Daphane is native of California. Her specialty is helping couples overcome adversity so that they can reconnect and build a stronger relationship. She also enjoys helping clients decipher communication styles so that they can understand and be understood better by their spouse. She plans to have yearly couple’s retreat where clients can rediscover their love and passion for one another.