Do you accept insurance?
We currently are not on any insurance panels.

How much does therapy cost?
Pricing really depends on what you need. That's why we provide the complimentary 30 minute consultation to talk and find out what fits you best. Our rates are below the average rate in Pearland, depending on what you choose. It is definitely less expensive than divorce or the stressful life you are currently living.

If we come for couple's counseling will we get an individual session also?
Yes. After the first initial meeting we will schedule individual sessions with both of you. The purpose of this is to know more about each of you personally to uncover things that may help our work and to hear more of the story from each point of view.

How many sessions will I need?
It varies from client to client. There is no way to know beforehand how many sessions will be needed, however on average clients usually do at least 8 sessions. Please keep in mind that 8 is on the low end. The work we do in the therapy room often gets intense and usually not a quick fix.

Do you have weekend appointments?
Yes we have weekend appointments. Typically we have 10-2pm available on Saturdays (not all therapists are available for weekend appointments).

If I am not a Christian or religious can I still make an appointment?
Absolutely. We encourage it. Our goal is to help all who are willing to accept our help. Christian counseling is for those who want it. We will likely talk about how you relate to God or your Higher Power, however no particular beliefs will be forced on you.